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Hozelock sprinkler hose

Buy Hozelock sprinkler hose: For a gentle rain effect or deep soaking!

Hozelock standard soaker hose

Buy Hozelock standard soaker hose: Easily woven through flower or vegetable beds

Hozelock maxi plus hose

Buy Hozelock maxi plus hose: High strength, long life, and superb value

Hozelock 4-way tap connector

Buy Hozelock 4-way tap connector: Allows the water supply to be delivered in up to for outlets.

Hozelock 2 in 1 hose reel

Buy Hozelock 2 in 1 hose reel: The reel is lightweight and can hold up to 45m of 12.5mm hose.

Hozelock 60m hose cart, with 30m multi purpose hose and Fittings

Buy Hozelock 60m hose cart, with 30m multi purpose hose and Fittings: A freestanding 60m cart with 30m hose.

Hozelock lawn sprinkler

Buy Hozelock lawn sprinkler: AquaStorm oscillating sprinklers are the ultimate lawn sprinklers.

Hozelock hose reel

Buy Hozelock hose reel: Perfect for small gardens

Hozelock superhoze expanding hose set

Buy Hozelock superhoze expanding hose set: Light and flexible 30m hose that expands up to 3x its size

Hozelock ultramax multi spray gun

Buy Hozelock ultramax multi spray gun: Versatile spray gun with 7 spray patterns and adjustable flow

Hozelock universal easy drip kit

Buy Hozelock universal easy drip kit: Mini sprinkler system for quick and easy watering

Hozelock micro easy drip kit

Buy Hozelock micro easy drip kit: Quick and easy watering for up to 15 containers

Hozelock growbag waterer

Buy Hozelock growbag waterer : Easy automatic watering for growbag crops for up to 14 days