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Mini growhouse

Buy Mini growhouse: Sturdy timber growhouse ideal for small spaces

Hardwood coldframe - eucalyptus

Buy Hardwood coldframe - eucalyptus: Robust two-tier frame with adjustable lid

Timber coldframe - softwood

Buy Timber coldframe - softwood: Rot-resistant frame for seedlings and tender plants

Victoria arbour

Buy Victoria arbour: Classically elegant

Patio planter

Buy Patio planter: The enjoyment of colour

Rectangular planter

Buy Rectangular planter: Style to suit your taste

Square planter

Buy Square planter: Twice as attractive

Square planter and lattice

Buy Square planter and lattice: Your year round interest and colour

Rectangular planter and lattice

Buy Rectangular planter and lattice: Your year round interest and colour

Spiked border roll

Buy Spiked border roll: Finish off any lawn to give your garden a more attractive and tidy look

Lechlade bird table

Buy Lechlade bird table: The Lechlade bird table is perfect for wildlife lovers

Laverton bird table

Buy Laverton bird table: Perfect for wildlife lovers

Round picnic table

Buy Round picnic table: A more modern twist on the traditional picnic table

Picnic bench

Buy Picnic bench: A traditional picnic table

Adirondack chair

Buy Adirondack chair: An elegant addition to any garden or outdoor space

Hampton companion seat

Buy Hampton companion seat: Perfect to sit and enjoy your outside space with a friend

Willington bench

Buy Willington bench: The willington bench will bring a touch of class to your garden

Double bin store

Buy Double bin store: The perfect solution to disguise your bins

Box store

Buy Box store: The box store is a stylish feature out of a practical necessity

Solid oak bench

Buy Solid oak bench: A traditional bench for a traditional garden