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basil 'Aroma 2'

Buy basil 'Aroma 2': High quality, large sweet leaves

basil 'Pluto'

Buy basil 'Pluto': Compact with fine aromatic leaves

coriander 'Confetti'

Buy coriander 'Confetti': Attractive, deliciously aromatic leaves

beetroot 'Solo' F1

Buy beetroot 'Solo' F1: Bristish bred, modern variety

broccoli (purple sprouting) 'Claret' F1

Buy broccoli (purple sprouting) 'Claret' F1: Vigorous and heavy cropping variety

broccoli (purple sprouting) 'Red Admiral' F1

Buy broccoli (purple sprouting) 'Red Admiral' F1: Extra early, tasty and tender spears

brussels sprout 'Cascade' F1

Buy brussels sprout 'Cascade' F1: Superb flavour and weather resistance

cabbage (January King) 'Noelle' F1

Buy cabbage (January King) 'Noelle' F1: British bred, winter hardy variety

cabbage (red) 'Rookie' F1

Buy cabbage (red) 'Rookie' F1: Early crops of outstanding quality

cabbage (Savoy) 'Tundra' F1

Buy cabbage (Savoy) 'Tundra' F1: hardy svaoy and white cabbage cross

calabrese 'Marathon' F1

Buy calabrese 'Marathon' F1: Reliable summer cropping variety

carrot 'Maestro' F1

Buy carrot 'Maestro' F1: High quality for a long harvest season

carrot 'Primo' F1

Buy carrot 'Primo' F1: Sweet tasting early nantes variety

cauliflower 'Moby Dick' F1

Buy cauliflower 'Moby Dick' F1: Delicious crops from autumn into winter

cornsalad 'Medaillon'

Buy cornsalad 'Medaillon': Productive, large leaved variety

cucumber 'Emilie' F1

Buy cucumber 'Emilie' F1: Female fruiting, resists disease

leek 'Oarsman' F1

Buy leek 'Oarsman' F1: British bred, resilient and reliale

leek 'Pancho'

Buy leek 'Pancho': Early, bolt resistant bulb-free shanks

lettuce (Cos) 'Chatsworth'

Buy lettuce (Cos) 'Chatsworth': British bred, crisp Cos lettuce

lettuce (butterhead) 'Clarion'

Buy lettuce (butterhead) 'Clarion': Long sowing and harvesting season