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Pedigree treaded digging spade

Buy Pedigree treaded digging spade: Attractive polished stainless steel spade

Pedigree digging fork

Buy Pedigree digging fork: Attractive polished stainless steel fork

Pedigree border spade

Buy Pedigree border spade: Light and compact stainless steel spade

Pedigree rabbiting spade

Buy Pedigree rabbiting spade: Long narrow blade, perfect for deep digging

Pedigree round point spade

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Buy Pedigree round point spade: Ideal for compacted or heavy soil

Pedigree hand trowel

Buy Pedigree hand trowel: Strong and rust-resistant stainless steel trowel

Pedigree transplanting trowel

£10.99 £9.89
Buy Pedigree transplanting trowel: Tapered blade with handy depth gauge

Pedigree hand fork

Buy Pedigree hand fork: Sturdy polished stainless steel hand fork

Pedigree cultivator hoe

£10.99 £9.89
Buy Pedigree cultivator hoe: Double-headed tool for easier soil cultivation

Pedigree scoop

Buy Pedigree scoop: Perfect for the potting bench

Pedigree long handle hand trowel

Buy Pedigree long handle hand trowel: Extra reach for potting and weeding

Pedigree long handle fork

Buy Pedigree long handle fork: Back-saving design with longer reach

Pedigree border fork

Buy Pedigree border fork: Light and compact stainless steel fork

Pedigree stainless steel leaf rake

Buy Pedigree stainless steel leaf rake: Light and easy to manoeuvre

Pedigree stainless steel cultivator

Buy Pedigree stainless steel cultivator: Break up and loosen soil in beds, borders and containers

Pedigree geared bypass lopper

Buy Pedigree geared bypass lopper: Lightweight geared loppers for 20% more cutting power

Pedigree hedge shear

Buy Pedigree hedge shear: Lightweight geared shears for 20% more cutting power

Pedigree stainless steel bow rake

Buy Pedigree stainless steel bow rake: Sturdy soil rake for preparing beds, borders and open ground