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fennel - bronze

Buy fennel - bronze: Tasty foliage with both fish & meat as well as in salads.

Eschscholzia californica 'Mission Bells'

£2.49 £1.99
20% off selected seeds
Buy Eschscholzia californica 'Mission Bells': Perfect for novice gardeners

Crocosmia × crocosmiiflora 'George Davison'

Buy Crocosmia × crocosmiiflora 'George Davison': An early flowering, vigorous variety

Phlomis russeliana

£8.99 £6.99
Buy Phlomis russeliana : Pretty whorls of pale yellow flowers

Helianthus debilis 'Vanilla Ice'

£1.99 £1.49
Buy Helianthus debilis 'Vanilla Ice': A compact, creamy-yellow sunflower

Tropaeolum majus 'Alaska Series'

£2.79 £2.23
20% off selected seeds
Buy Tropaeolum majus 'Alaska Series': Handsome variegated foliage

Rudbeckia hirta 'Autumn Colours' (Mixed)

£2.49 £1.99
20% off selected seeds
Buy Rudbeckia hirta 'Autumn Colours' (Mixed): Gorgeous rich rustic shades

Smyrnium perfoliatum

£2.49 £1.99
Buy Smyrnium perfoliatum : An excellent addition for the vase

Helianthus annuus 'Garden Statement'

£2.99 £2.39
20% off selected seeds
Buy Helianthus annuus 'Garden Statement': Great in the garden or the vase

Limnanthes douglasii

£2.49 £1.74
30% off selected seeds
Buy Limnanthes douglasii : A prolific flowerer and useful companion

Tagetes tenuifolia 'Golden Gem'

£1.99 £1.59
20% off selected seeds
Buy Tagetes tenuifolia 'Golden Gem': Very showy and will help repel aphids


£1.99 £1.59
20% off selected seeds
Buy tansy: A wonderful companion to help repel insects

Dahlia 'Alfred Grille'

Buy Dahlia 'Alfred Grille': A vibrant blend of colours

Papaver nudicaule

£1.79 £1.29
Buy Papaver nudicaule : Incredibly bright and cheerful

feverfew (organic)

£1.99 £1.59
20% off selected seeds
Buy feverfew (organic): A pretty addition to the herb garden

Dahlia 'Bishop of York'

Buy Dahlia 'Bishop of York': Adds warmth to the late summer garden

Helianthus 'Tall Single'

£1.49 £1.19
20% off selected seeds
Buy Helianthus 'Tall Single': Kids will love to grow these

Tropaeolum majus 'Empress of India'

£1.99 £1.49
Buy Tropaeolum majus 'Empress of India':

Dahlia 'Melody Dora' (PBR)

Buy Dahlia 'Melody Dora' (PBR): Masses of flowers in sunset shades

Dahlia 'Akita'

Buy Dahlia 'Akita': Big, burnt-orange blooms