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blackberry 'Oregon Thornless'

Buy blackberry 'Oregon Thornless': A thornless variety

rosemary 'Miss Jessopp's Upright'

Buy rosemary 'Miss Jessopp's Upright': Lavender-blue flowers

blackberry 'Loch Ness' (PBR)

Buy blackberry 'Loch Ness' (PBR): mid to late season fruits on thornless canes

blackberry 'Reuben'

Buy blackberry 'Reuben': heralded as the first primocane blackberry

blackberry 'Ouachita' (PBR)

Buy blackberry 'Ouachita' (PBR): A new introduction producing a bumper crop

greengage 'Oullins Gage'

Buy greengage 'Oullins Gage': Big, golden-yellow fruits

greengage 'Reine-claude Vraie'

Buy greengage 'Reine-claude Vraie': Noted for is excellent old fashioned flavour

The Highgrove thyme collection

£35.94 £17.97
Buy The Highgrove thyme collection: Create an aromatic carpet - or fill pots on a sunny patio

blackberry 'Apache'

Buy blackberry 'Apache': Really big fruit and a thornless mid-season cropper.

rosemary Prostratus Group

Buy rosemary Prostratus Group: Forms a mat of fragrant foliage

Alchemilla mollis

Buy Alchemilla mollis : Scalloped leaves and frothy flowers

blackberry 'Black Cascade'

Buy blackberry 'Black Cascade': A unique blackberry perfect for hanging baskets

blackberry 'Purple Opal'

Buy blackberry 'Purple Opal': New thornless blackberry perfect for patio pots

walnut 'Broadview'

Buy walnut 'Broadview': A relatively compact variety which fruits at a young age

ONE Buxus & ONE pot combination

Buy ONE Buxus & ONE pot combination: Get the formal look in a instant

Buxus & pot combination

Buy Buxus & pot combination: Low maintenance pot combination

blackberry collection

£13.98 £9.98
Buy blackberry collection: Lashings of fruit over a long period

greengage 'Cambridge Gage'

Buy greengage 'Cambridge Gage': Excellent flavour and very juicy

Rosmarinus officinalis

£26.94 £12.99
Buy Rosmarinus officinalis : Aromatic, dark green leaves topped with purple blue flowers