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radish 'Gaudry 2'

Buy radish 'Gaudry 2': This variety is a small round salad radish with red neck and white base.

leek 'Gigante d'Inverno'

Buy leek 'Gigante d'Inverno': Known as 'Giant of Winter'.

broad bean 'Aquadulce Supersimionia'

Buy broad bean 'Aquadulce Supersimionia': Mid-early shelling bean producing uniform green pods around 30-32cm long.

bean (broad) 'Aquadulice Claudia'

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Buy bean (broad) 'Aquadulice Claudia': A prolific crop of short pods

bean (broad) 'Masterpiece Green Longpod'

Buy bean (broad) 'Masterpiece Green Longpod': Superb flavour and heavy yields

cauliflower 'Igloo'

Buy cauliflower 'Igloo': Trouble-free and very productive

bean (broad) 'crimson-flowered'

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Buy bean (broad) 'crimson-flowered': A heritage variety dating back to the 1800’s

parsnip 'Gladiator'

Buy parsnip 'Gladiator': A top-quality parsnip, reliable and trouble-free

carrot 'Adelaide'

Buy carrot 'Adelaide': One of the earliest maturing varieties.

cauliflower 'Moby Dick' F1

Buy cauliflower 'Moby Dick' F1: Delicious crops from autumn into winter

leek 'Oarsman' F1

Buy leek 'Oarsman' F1: British bred, resilient and reliale

parsnip 'Palace' F1

Buy parsnip 'Palace' F1: Exhibition quality, disease resistant

broad bean 'Imperial Green Longpod'

Buy broad bean 'Imperial Green Longpod': Exhibition sized high yeilding pods

bean (broad) 'Suprifin'

Buy bean (broad) 'Suprifin': Masses of pods on compact plants

leek 'Below Zero'

Buy leek 'Below Zero': Very winter hardy and stands well

leek 'Pancho'

Buy leek 'Pancho': Early, bolt resistant bulb-free shanks