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beetroot 'Beetroot of Chioggia'

Buy beetroot 'Beetroot of Chioggia': Early, large round root with alternate white and red stripes on the inside.

pumpkin 'Hundredweight'

Buy pumpkin 'Hundredweight': Super-sized pumpkins

courgette 'Defender'

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Buy courgette 'Defender': Producing a heavy crop over a long period

Moluccella laevis

Buy Moluccella laevis : The olive-green bells are most decorative

basil 'Purple Ruffles'

Buy basil 'Purple Ruffles': Colourful leaves that have a strong basil scent.

cress 'Curled'

Buy cress 'Curled': A really easy plant for children to grow

cucumber 'Crystal Lemon'

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Buy cucumber 'Crystal Lemon': Small, rounded yellow fruits

squash 'Butternut'

Buy squash 'Butternut': Heavy, elongated, pear-shaped fruits

marrow 'Tiger Cross' F1

Buy marrow 'Tiger Cross' F1: Attractive ruits, quick to mature

melon 'Emir' F1

Buy melon 'Emir' F1: Tolerant of cooler growing conditions

pumpkin 'Expert' F1

Buy pumpkin 'Expert' F1: Quality fruits as grown by the professionals