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Cyclamen hederifolium

Buy Cyclamen hederifolium : Easy to grow & autumn flowering

Cyclamen hederifolium var. hederifolium f. albiflorum

Buy Cyclamen hederifolium var. hederifolium f. albiflorum: Pure white flowers and beautiful leaves

Rosa Surrey ('Korlanum')

£19.99 £13.99
Intro offer: 30% off
Buy Rosa Surrey ('Korlanum') : Beautiful double pink blooms

Rosa Warm Welcome ('Chewizz') (PBR)

£19.99 £13.99
Intro offer: 30% off
Buy Rosa Warm Welcome ('Chewizz') (PBR): Good disease resistance

thyme - Bressingham

Buy thyme - Bressingham: Thrives in chalky soil

thyme - Pink Chintz

Buy thyme - Pink Chintz: This mat-forming thyme produces a mass of clear pink flowers

thyme - Silver Posie

Buy thyme - Silver Posie: An excellent ground cover

Phlox paniculata 'Bright Eyes'

£6.99 £4.99
Buy Phlox paniculata 'Bright Eyes': Sugar pink with a darker eye

Primula vulgaris

Buy Primula vulgaris : Our native, woodland primrose.

Convallaria majalis

Buy Convallaria majalis : Scented white bells in spring

Dianthus (Allwoodii Group) 'Doris'

Buy Dianthus (Allwoodii Group) 'Doris': Pale pink, scented flowers with red centres and long flowering period

Cyclamen coum

Buy Cyclamen coum : Pretty winter flowers

thyme - lemon

Buy thyme - lemon: lemon thyme plants - ideal aromatic path edging plant!

thyme - Coccineus Group

Buy thyme - Coccineus Group: Great as a scented ground cover

thyme - wooly thyme

Buy thyme - wooly thyme: An extremely low-growing thyme

Narcissus papyraceus 'Ziva'

£5.99 £3.00
50% off daffodil bulbs
Buy Narcissus papyraceus 'Ziva': Unbelievably strong scent

Convallaria majalis

Buy Convallaria majalis : Scented white bells in spring

mint - Moroccan mint

Buy mint - Moroccan mint : nice with salads & peas, potatoes, perfect for mojitos

mint - chocolate peppermint

Buy mint - chocolate peppermint: The chocolate mint tastes great on any chocolate mousse.

Galium odoratum

Buy Galium odoratum : Pretty groundcover in wild gardens