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Allium sphaerocephalon

£2.99 £1.20
Buy Allium sphaerocephalon : Small, wine-coloured flowers on tall stems

bean (broad) 'The Sutton'

£1.79 £1.29
Buy bean (broad) 'The Sutton': A dwarf variety - ideal in exposed positions

bean (broad) 'Bunyards Exhibition'

£1.99 £1.49
Buy bean (broad) 'Bunyards Exhibition': Consistently heavy yields of long pods

Scabiosa atropurpurea

£1.99 £1.49
Buy Scabiosa atropurpurea : bees love the button-like flowers

Helianthus 'Tall Single'

Buy Helianthus 'Tall Single': Kids will love to grow these

Muscari armeniacum

£4.99 £1.50
70% off muscari bulbs
Buy Muscari armeniacum : A prolific, easy to grow flowerer

Allium cristophii

£3.99 £1.60
Buy Allium cristophii : Huge globes of star-like, lilac flowers

Allium giganteum

£3.99 £1.60
Buy Allium giganteum : Large, showy lilac-pink globes

Erysimum cheiri 'Blood Red'

Buy Erysimum cheiri 'Blood Red': Rich and brooding colour

bean (broad) 'Aquadulice Claudia'

Buy bean (broad) 'Aquadulice Claudia': A prolific crop of short pods

bean (broad) 'Masterpiece Green Longpod'

Buy bean (broad) 'Masterpiece Green Longpod': Superb flavour and heavy yields

Hesperis matronalis

Buy Hesperis matronalis : Sweetly scented flowers

Hesperis matronalis var. albiflora

Buy Hesperis matronalis var. albiflora: Loose trusses of fragrant blooms

Lunaria annua

Buy Lunaria annua : Attractive translucent seed pods

Erysimum cheiri 'Fire King'

Buy Erysimum cheiri 'Fire King': Stunning seasonal colour

Muscari armeniacum

£5.99 £1.80
Buy Muscari armeniacum : From our bulb grower grown 100% orgainically

bean (broad) 'crimson-flowered'

Buy bean (broad) 'crimson-flowered': A heritage variety dating back to the 1800’s

Nigella damascena 'Miss Jekyll'

Buy Nigella damascena 'Miss Jekyll': Beautiful and easy to grow

Nigella damascena 'Oxford Blue'

Buy Nigella damascena 'Oxford Blue': Gorgeous, large, deep blue blooms

Papaver rhoeas (Mother of Pearl Group)

Buy Papaver rhoeas (Mother of Pearl Group): Antique shades for a wildflower garden