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Christmas Indoor Plants

Find an indoor plant gift to give this Christmas from our collection of orchids, jasmine and aloe vera.

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Wax Amaryllis

Buy Wax Amaryllis : The easy care amaryllis

Anthurium Red Champion ('Anthbnena') (PBR)

Buy Anthurium Red Champion ('Anthbnena') (PBR): Exotic-looking flowers

Ananas comosus 'Champaca'

Buy Ananas comosus 'Champaca': A ornamental pineapple makes an interesting plant for a sunny windowsill

Dendrobium Spring Dream ('Apollon') (PBR)

Buy Dendrobium Spring Dream ('Apollon') (PBR): Exquisite new orchid with dainty white blooms early in the year

Phalaenopsis grandiflorum 'Ravello'

Buy Phalaenopsis grandiflorum 'Ravello': Exotic-looking blooms

Phalaenopsis grandiflorum 'Alassio'

Buy Phalaenopsis grandiflorum 'Alassio': Low maintenance and stylish

Phalaenopsis grandiflorum 'Rio Grande'

Buy Phalaenopsis grandiflorum 'Rio Grande': Rich and sumptuous colouring

Miltonia 'Sunset'

£24.99 £19.99
Buy Miltonia 'Sunset': A orchid with a luscious, tropical-looking effect

Zygopetalum 'Trozy Blue'

£24.99 £19.99
Buy Zygopetalum 'Trozy Blue': wax-like flowers produce a fresh, sweet scent in the early morning

Dendrobium nobile Comet King ('Akatsuki') (PBR)

Buy Dendrobium nobile Comet King ('Akatsuki') (PBR): Upright cane-like stems support stunning blooms

Phalaenopsis Kaoda Twinkle 'Chocolate Drops'

Buy Phalaenopsis Kaoda Twinkle 'Chocolate Drops': Stunning long flowering orchid

Tillandsia cyanea

Buy Tillandsia cyanea : Easy to care for'air plant' with stunning pink bracts

Guzmania 'Hope'

Buy Guzmania 'Hope': Long lasting exotic scarlet flower-head.

Saintpaulia 'Amy Pink'

Buy Saintpaulia 'Amy Pink': The flowers look like miniature roses

Anthurium White Champion ('Anthefaqyr') (PBR)

Buy Anthurium White Champion ('Anthefaqyr') (PBR): Understated colour for the conservatory

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana 'Don Nando' (PBR)

Buy Kalanchoe blossfeldiana 'Don Nando' (PBR): Very pretty long flowering houseplant

× Oncidopsis 'Nelly Isler'

Buy × Oncidopsis 'Nelly Isler': slightly sweetly fragranced

lemon 'Garey's Eureka' ( Four Seasons)

Buy lemon 'Garey's Eureka' ( Four Seasons): Large lemons are produced

Strelitzia reginae

Buy Strelitzia reginae : Stunning flowers we all know and love

Helleborus 'Verboom Beauty'

Buy Helleborus 'Verboom Beauty': Can be enjoyed inside at Christmas


£39.99 £29.99

Stephanotis floribunda - Gift Crate


Anthurium Red Champion - Gift Crate


Goeppertia crocata Tassmania - Gift Crate


Stephanotis floribunda


Schlumbergera 'Red'


Aloe vera


Clivia miniata


air plant in a hanging glass globe


Ardisia crenata 'Bospremium red'


Cymbidium 'Peggy Sue'


Pilea peperomioides


Guzmania 'Viola'