The Highgrove thyme collection

The Highgrove thyme collection (6 mixed thymes)

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Buy The Highgrove thyme collection The Highgrove thyme collection (6 mixed thymes): Create an aromatic carpet - or fill pots on a sunny patio

    The Highgrove Thyme Walk is one of the most admired areas of the garden. It is home to a wide variety of thymes, which have been woven together to create a carpet that spills over the edges of the hard landscaping, emitting a delicious aroma when crushed underfoot. In summer, when in full bloom, their scent intensifies, and the carpet become multicoloured, attracting many bees and other pollinating insects. It is quite a treat to see on such a dramatic scale, but it is possible to recreate the effect in a smaller garden - and this collection will make an ideal starting point as it contains 6 different unlabelled thymes.

  • Planting tip: Plant in a sunny position in freely draining neutral to alkaline soil. Although tolerant of drought once established, they should be kept well watered for the first year or so. After flowering, cut back vigorous varieties to retain a neat compact shape.

    The plants are all supplied in 9cm pots.

    20% of all Highgrove garden collection sales are donated to The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation.

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Good plants, but would have been better labelled after all


Sure, it tells you they're unlabelled when you buy it, but after a while that turned out to be a little annoying. Otherwise good, hardy plants, they established well and have nice fragrant foliage. Some nice flowers, too. One of them seems to have been dug out by a squirrel, but I don't know which one!


East Dulwich


good variety of Thymes


Plants very well-rooted, in fact a bit potbound, but good value at the Spring Sale price! Settled in well to a new, sunny, dry spot and all have grown and flowered well.




Lovely smelling plants


Enjoyed it




A good idea to buy these


I am very happy with my purchase. The thymes are very hardy. I bought them as edging plants along a gravel path and they have been ideal and have established very well.




Nice collection, long lasting


Very happy with these - even still going strong after all the snow and ice.




these are all beautiful


planted on edge of stone patio as edging plants


hebden bridge



4.7 6


hello, what soil should I buy for planting these in pots? thank you


Thank you for your question. Thymes are relatively easy to grow but need well-drained soil and will rot over winter if the pot gets too wet. Make sure the pots have drainage holes in their base using coarser gravel or broken pots in the base to keep the hole open. I would use a gritty John Innes no.3 mix which contains a slow-release fertiliser and you can add 20% grit to this to make it extra well-drained. Alternatively, a gritty Alpine mix might do the trick. A collar of coarse grit around the neck of the pot and plant will help protect the foliage from wet soil. I hope this helps and you enjoy growing these fabulous plants from us.


How far apart should I plant these and when should i plant them?


Hello, These are fully hardy so can be planted out at any time of the year (provided the ground is not frozen). As for the planting distances, it really depends onthe effect you are trying to create. If you are happy for them too intermingle, then I would advise planting them at 30cm intervals.


How to use companion plants

Companion planting is a method of growing different plants adjacent to one another for the benefit of one or both of the companions. Some plants are thought to confuse or act as a decoy to potential pests, while a few provide food for the pest's natural

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