Rhododendron 'Dreamland'

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Buy Rhododendron 'Dreamland' hybrid rhododendron: Refined pink flowers

  • Position: partial shade
  • Soil: moist, well-drained, humus-rich, acid soil or ericaceous compost
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: May to June
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Masses of pale pink, funnel-shaped flowers with deeper pink edges in late spring and early summer and dark green leaves. This rhododendron is particularly free-flowering. An attractive and compact evergreen variety, it's a great specimen plant for a shrub border with humus-rich, acid soil. Avoid planting too deeply and mulch with leaf mould each spring.

  • Garden care: Avoid planting too deeply. Apply a generous 5-7cm (2-3in) mulch of leaf mould around the base of the plant each spring.

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Good weather Gardener.



Beautiful - ideal in a container - attracts bees


Bees love the flowers which gradually turn a paler pink




Rhododendron for a Sunny Area


It's an attractive shrub, with pretty white flowers. It seems to be fine being in a sunny spot, which is unusual as our other Rhododendrons wilt in the sun and have been moved to more shady areas of the garden. It even managed to survive the searing heat of 30 plus last June, in it's first year. On the negative side, It hasn't shown much growth, since it was planted in it's first year. This may be due to the heat wave we had. It does however have a healthy and abundant flower buds for this year, which we are greatly looking forward to. I do wish the flowers were fragrant.





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The rhododendron I have doesn't appear on your site but the one I've clicked on looks extremely similar. Mine has been in container for almost 2 years and I am wondering if I should take it out and trim off some of the roots and re-pot in fresh compost or put in a larger pot. Also want to know why at the moment leaves seem droopy - is it to do with the cold weather? Feeding - when and how often? Always try to water with just rainwater.


Hello, Rhododendrons generally prefer to be in the ground where possible. Rhododendrons are generally slow growing so I would not expect it to need re-potting so soon. However, if it has outgrown your container then now would be a good time to re-pot it in a larger pot before the growing season starts and while it is not frosty. Aim for a pot at least 2 of 3 times the size of the current pot and tease out any roots that are spiralling round the pot. I would suggest repotting in fresh ericaceous compost with a slow-release fertliser. If you wish you can also feed during the growing season with a liquid ericaceous food. In very cold weather the leaves of rhododendrons often droop and curl - this is normal and nothing to worry about - it is just a cold response in the same way we would shiver or huddle up. When it warms up the leaves should return to normal. If you are in a hard water area it is best (as you are already doing) to try to water with rainwater if possible. I hope this helps. Sarah.

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