Miscanthus sinensis 'Kleine Silberspinne'

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Buy Miscanthus sinensis 'Kleine Silberspinne' Chinese silver grass: Compact and dramatic

This grass dies back to below ground level each year in autumn, then fresh new growth appears again in spring.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: moderately fertile, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: initially slow to establish but faster as it matures
  • Flowering period: September and October
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    This is a star plant for any garden. It’s compact, and doesn’t take up too much space, but it’s also dramatic. Narrow, silvery leaves have a white stripe down the centre, and masses of upright, feathery, reddish-brown plumes fade to silver in the autumn. When the flowers catch the evening sun, the plant appears to be sitting under a silvery halo.

  • Garden care: Cut back in late winter before the new foliage appears.

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First class plant


Planted in mixed herbaceous border to add variety.


NE Scotland


Dramatic in my woodland walk


We had an ugly wasteland strip on the far side of the garage which I have turned into a simple woodland path. The grasses add elegance and movement to a neglected area. They get sun in the summer but not in winter so we will see how they fare. So far they (5 plants) have formed a good line - and I think they will really fill out and grow in their 2nd year. As they are on the far side of the garage, I don't water them that much but they have thrived. Have planted with some flowering plants for contrast which hasn't worked as well.

East Anglian gardener



Very attractive grass


Have these located as "centre pieces" in several locations in my garden. Look good next to most medium/tall perennials. Look good well into autumn/winter




Excellent plant


This was a healthy and attractive plant which I have planted in a border. It has come through the winter well and will soon be ready to cut back for the new growth. It is a pretty grass which flowered well last year and it has kept its structure over the winter, only becoming a little squashed under the recent snow. The plant I received was a good size and I have been very happy with its performance.


Midlands/East of England


A year on and 7 our of 8 took really well.


All grew well in poor soil conditions (heavy clay and rubble after an extension). The 8th one has only sprouted two stems, at least it's alive, and we shall see what year 2 brings. But otherwise a purchase I'd make again. Beautiful in summer and the summer silver stems lasted all winter to add some long lasting interest.




Great product and service


Great product looks fantastic on my balcony. Very easy ordering process, delivered quickly. Crocus very helpful responding to queries.




Architectural plant


Great plant. Nicely packaged.



Potty about plants


What a lovely healthy vibrant and delicate plant, looks great in my borders.




Lovely grass for a border


Great structuralgrass for a border. Leaves and flowers appear later than many which provides variety. Lovely purple grass heads




Delighted with this plant


Ideal for my shady border which has woods behind it. It is easy to care for and used with other grasses.


East Hampshire



4.9 14


This is in a pot and its first winter, how much do I cut back before spring. The tall plumes are now a bit jaded and straggling. Purchased from crocus last summer. Thank you winter


Ideally the whole plant should be cut back hard in late winter before the new foliage appears.


Can this be grown in a large container? Thanks.


Hello there This grass has a compact form, so yes you probably could grow it in a pot but make sure that the compost has good drainage, as it won't like sitting in waterlogged compost. Hope this helps

Hi. I bought 2 'Kleine Silberspinne' from you in January last year. I planted both in the same bed approx. 2 feet apart. One is thriving but the other grew poorly last year and has only sent up a few spindly shoots this year. What do you suggest I do?


Hello, I'm sorry to hear one of your plants is not flourishing. If there are no signs of pests and diseases (they rarely succumb), then the problem must lie in environmental factors. I know it can be frustrating when one plant is so close to another that is thriving, but there must be something that this ailing plant is struggling with. This could include all sorts of things including buried debris in the soil, exposure to sun or wind, or even something like animal pee. It is really difficult to say for sure, but if you can try to pin it down, you should be able to rectify the problem before the plant dies. Unfortunately though, it sounds as though it is now outside our 1 year guarantee period.


Miscanthus sinensis 'Kleine Silberspinne' advice A friend bought me several Miscanthus sinensis 'Kleine Silberspinne' from you as a gift. They have been truly wonderful, but can you tell me why they might not have been great this summer? Last autumn I cut them down as the year before but they have only thrown out the odd spindly grass - nowhere near the profusion of the year before. Could it be frost damage? Can you tell me if they will recover and what is the best pruning advice. I would be very grateful for any help. Regards Ann

ann haddrill

Hello, Unfortunately I am not really sure why your plants have not flourished from your description. They will need a spot in full sun with moderately fertile, well-drained soil, and they are fully hardy so won't be affected by the cold weather. We recommend that they are cut back in late winter before the new foliage appears. They are generally pretty tough though, so I suspect if you can improve the growing conditions you should see stronger growth. I'm sorry not to be more help. Helen Plant Doctor

Crocus Helpdesk

Miscanthus not flowering Afernoon, I bought a grass from you about 3 or 4 years back. It is a Miscanthus sacchariflorus. It has thrived well, is green and lush, but to date, it hasn't flowered. Am I doing anything wrong? Are you able to give me some advice please? I must add that I have bought a number of plants from you since you set up your web site and have been delighted with them all. The quality of each plant is excellent, as is the packaging and delivery. Regards Marion


Hello Marion, There are a number of reasons why plants don't flower including too much shade, not enough water or nutrients, or pruning at the wrong time of the year. It can also be caused by the plant putting on new root growth instead of focusing its energies on producing flowers. I am not really sure why your Miscanthus has not produced flowers, but you can often give them a bit of a push by feeding with a high potash fertiliser. Best regards and thanks for the positive feedback. Helen Plant Doctor

Crocus Helpdesk


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