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    This collection of 6 tea herbs has been grown in 9cm pots. It will contain different herbs, but the contents of the collection will vary slightly depending on the season. You could expect one of any of the following to be included in the collection:

  • mint - peppermint Mentha × piperita - It can be used to make delicious mint sauces and teas as well as flavour sweets, , puddings and toothpaste. Grows to 50cm x 1.5m

  • Chamomile, Chamaemelum nobile - A valuable medicinal herb, the flowers can be dried and used to make chamomile tea. Grows to 30 x 45cm

  • Lemon Balm, Melissa officinalis - The lemon-scented leaves are delicious in salads, soups and also great for tea making. Grows to 60cm x 1.2m

  • Sage, Salvia officinalis Pineapple - Grows to 100 x 100cm

  • Bergamot, - Grows to 50 x 100cm

  • Lemon Verbena, Lippia citriodora - Refreshingly scented foliage is useful for herb tea and pot pourri.Grows to 2.5 x 2.5m

  • Sage, Salvia officinalis - Collected before the plant has flowered and freshly chopped, the aromatic leaves are valuable for flavouring stuffings, herbal teas, meat dishes and herb butter. Grows to 100 x 100cm

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