Floating island for shallow water plants

Floating island shallow water plants

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Buy Floating island for shallow water plants Floating island shallow water plants: Makes planting shallow pond plants easy

  • Simple to plant and easy to install
  • Ideal for ponds without planting shelves
  • Linkable - fasten several together to create a larger island

  • Transform a plain garden pond into a lush, vibrant marsh with these handy island planters.

    The floating baskets let you add semi-aquatic (marginal) plants to a pond without needing planting shelves. They couldn’t be easier to use - just drop a 1 litreor three 9cm pots into the recess and float it into place.

    Made from buoyant Styrofoam, the pots are covered with a porous mesh to allow a steady supply of water to the plant's roots.

    They keep plants neatly contained to stop them spreading, and can be linked together to create a larger island - fastening together with a simple button and elastic loop.

    As an added bonus, they make a handy resting place for thirsty birds, letting them sit and sup in comfort!

    External measurement 25cm square
    Internal hole approx 15cm square

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Floating Island


Love this Island in my small pond. Looks stunning when planted up.


Mid wales



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