Cosmos 'Sonata Hot Pink Mixed'

40 plus 20 FREE plug plants

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Buy Cosmos 'Sonata Hot Pink Mixed' 40 plus 20 FREE plug plants: Packed full of summer colour

  • Position: full sun to light shade
  • Soil: moderately fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average to fast-growing
  • Flowering period: May to the first frosts
  • Hardiness: tender annual

    Large, daisy-like flowerheads, that come in an array of white and pink shades, appear non-stop throughout the summer and right up until the first frosts. Superb as border plants, they will also flourish in large pots - and their fine, feathery foliage is also attractive.

    Grown in individual plug cells, each plant measures about 5 - 7cm tall (from the base of the root to the top of the plant). They are ideal for keen gardeners who have a greenhouse where the plants can be grown on until they are ready for planting out in the garden once all chance of frost has passed.

    Please note that as we grow these for especially for you, we need to take full payment when you place your order so as to reserve stock for you. See above for despatch dates for this particular plant. To ensure that your plants arrive in the best possible condition each pack will be despatched individually.

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not so good this year, but had a good display for a month


stunning colours




I will be buying theses again this summer


I put them in the borders amongst perennial plants and grasses. With frequent de-heading they lasted well into mid autumn




Reliable good quality plants


Have ordered these plants for the past three years. Each time reliable and good quality.




This is a lovely collection of one of my absolute favourites


This is a beautiful collection of Cosmos in all my favourite colours. I planted them in my 6 foot long trough and they shone until late October. The bees and butterflies loved them too.




Pretty and abundant


Like these as they make a statement, but are not too tall. Some cosmos get so tall (in my garden) that they need supports. These didn't and they flowered profusely throughout the summer. A bit prone to black fly, but that was soon dealt with.




Good mix of colours


These plants did really well, with a very long flowering season. Don't plant them out until they are well established as slugs love them. Also bear in mind they are relatively short if you plant out in normal soil (although they'll get to 2ft tall in a well fertilised pot).

The entomologist's sister



fantastic colour range


planted some of these in a border at our golf club and they have been fantastic with everyone commenting how good they look


high peak, derbyshire


I will buy this product again


Filled a large circular bed in my front garden with these mixed cosmos and they were a wonderful area of colour all summer, though they did not die very gracefully in the autumn!




Fab flowers


Beatiful long asting flowering period. I found them to be a bit leggy especially towards the end of the season which was October.That may have been because I didn`t plant them deep enough.


Soth east



4.7 9


I bought 60 plug plants, which are about 5cm to 7cm tall. Have their tops been pinched off, or do I need to do it. Delighted by the quality of the plants supplied.

the useless gardener

Yes, as the plants grow, you should pinch out the tips as this will encourage the development of bushier plants.


Hello I have heavy clay soil and thinking of planting them in a sunny spot, so would the Cosmos Sonata or Cosmos atrosanguineus grow well? Would I need to remove the Cosmos atrosanguineus every year from the ground and replant them in late spring? Thank you.

Garden Mum

Hello, Both these cosmos like similar conditions, so if you have particularly heavy clay soil that remains heavy and wet for any length of time, then they may not be ideal unless you can improve the drainage. As for lifting the C. atrosanguineus, these are only half hardy, so unless it is grown in a very sheltered spot, it will ot survive the winter outside.


If I buy the Cosmos collection - will it be clear which Plugs are which colour as I don't want to mix them - I want to isolate the white ones!!


Hello, I'm afraid that as this is a mixed collection, you will not be able to determine which of the plug plants will produce white flowers. If you just want white ones, then you should opt for these.


Do Cosmos die down and then regrow the next year? i am looking for a low maintenance flower bed. Thanks


Hello there This cosmos is an annual bedding plant so will only last this year. These plug plants will give a wonderful display this year given the right conditions, but if you want plants to come back each year you need perennials. Cosmos atrosanguineus and Cosmos atrosanguineus Chocamocha = 'Thomocha' are half hardy perennials. Hope this helps.

Hello, do the growing tips of Cosmos Sonata need to be pinched out in the early stage of growth to make the plants bushy? Many thanks.


Hello, They do not need to be pinched out, but if you do it will help create bushier plants.


I've got some shallow beds in full sun at the front of my house... Will the fact that these are shallow beds be a problem for cosmos? And assuming not how far apart do they need to be planted so I can work out how many I need?


Hello, Provided there is a good depth of soil these plants should thrive. I am not sure how wide your border is, but these plants have an eventual spread of around 30cm, so if it is narrower than that they may spill out over the path/lawn. As for planting distances, for a really strong display, I would plant them at 15cm intervals.


Hello I don't have a greenhouse but want a border of Cosmos - can these be planted straight away on delivery once the risk of frost has gone? Also, I would like a relatively tall variety of cosmos, how tall does this variety get and is there a taller variety available at Crocus? Thank you in advance


Ideally these should be potted up and grown on, but if you can protect them from slugs and snails, then you could plant them out after the frosts have passed. This one will grow to 60cm (we have a diagram near the top of the page) and we do have a couple of taller ones - just click on the following links to go straight to them


I want to give pots of cosmos as presents. please can you tell me how many of the plugs should I put in a 2litre pot. thank you.


Hello, Eventually these plants grow to 60cm high by 30cm wide, so you could get away with just one per pot, however if you want the pot to look nice and full reasonably quickly, then I would opt for 3 or even 5 plugs in each 2-litre pot.


Are the Sonata Hot Pink Mixed a dwarf variety, and if so, how tall do they grow (in inches please!!)

happy gardener

Hello there This is a smaller form of Cosmos growing to approx 2ft tall. Hope this helps

1) Given the current weather conditions and the fact that I only have a cold frame, would the cosmos plugs be OK in a cold frame for a while? 2) Please can you tell me the approximate height they grow to. Are they more suitable as 'back of border' plants? Thank you.

Ice skater

Hello, These plants will grow to around 60cm tall, and as they are tender they do need to be grown in frost-free conditions. If your coldframe is in a warm, sheltered position, then they should be fine in there until the temperatures improve.


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