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Bronze leaved dahlia collection

£29.97 £19.98
Buy Bronze leaved dahlia collection: Buy 2 collections for £19.98 and get another collection FREE

White and creams dahlia collection

£29.97 £19.98
Buy White and creams dahlia collection: buy 2 collections for £19.98 and get another collection FREE

Lemon zest dahlia collection

£29.97 £19.98
Buy Lemon zest dahlia collection: Buy 2 collections for £19.98 and get another collection FREE

Dahlia 'Classic Swanlake' (PBR)

Buy Dahlia 'Classic Swanlake' (PBR): Beautiful when added to bouquets

Dahlia 'Lake Carey'

Buy Dahlia 'Lake Carey': Lavishly petalled and softly coloured

Dahlia 'My Love'

Buy Dahlia 'My Love': This white cactus shapped dahlia will flower from the summer into the autumn.

Lilium 'Casa Blanca'

£2.99 £1.50
Buy Lilium 'Casa Blanca': Highly scented, pure white blooms

Begonia 'Mother's Day'

Buy Begonia 'Mother's Day': A new form with scented blooms

Dahlia 'Twyning's After Eight'

Buy Dahlia 'Twyning's After Eight': Bold contrast between flowers and foliage

Begonia mixed doubles

Buy Begonia mixed doubles: Brilliant colour for partial shade

Gladiolus murielae

Buy Gladiolus murielae: Intensely fragrant late summer flowers

Dahlia 'Bishop of Auckland' (PBR)

Buy Dahlia 'Bishop of Auckland' (PBR): Dark purple and bright red - dazzling!

Gladiolus 'White Prosperity'

Buy Gladiolus 'White Prosperity': Glowing white columns

Dahlia 'White Star'

Buy Dahlia 'White Star': Distinctive blooms throughout summer

Dahlia 'Bishop of Dover'

Buy Dahlia 'Bishop of Dover': The flowers are loved by bees

Lilium 'Anastasia'

£3.99 £2.00
Buy Lilium 'Anastasia': Very tall with lots highly scented lilies

Dahlia 'Eveline'

Buy Dahlia 'Eveline': One of the taller dahlias

Hedychium flavescens

Buy Hedychium flavescens : A very showy plant with scented flowers

Canna 'Moonshine'

Buy Canna 'Moonshine': Brings a touch of the tropics into the garden

Dahlia 'Gallery Art Fair' (PBR) (Gallery Series)

Buy Dahlia 'Gallery Art Fair' (PBR) (Gallery Series): Flowers well into autumn