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Narcissus 'Jetfire'

£4.99 £3.99
Buy Narcissus 'Jetfire': Great for naturalising in bold drifts

Narcissus 'Cheerfulness'

£3.99 £3.19
Buy Narcissus 'Cheerfulness': A richly fragrant white double

Narcissus 'Yellow Cheerfulness'

£4.99 £3.99
Buy Narcissus 'Yellow Cheerfulness': Stems of up to four fragrant, double, golden-yellow flowers

Narcissus 'Erlicheer'

£6.99 £5.59
Buy Narcissus 'Erlicheer':

paperwhite 'Ziva' and glass gift jar

£12.99 £10.39
Buy paperwhite 'Ziva' and glass gift jar:

Narcissus 'Curlew'

£3.99 £3.19
Buy Narcissus 'Curlew': Noted for its scented flower

Lilium African Queen Group

£2.99 £2.39
Buy Lilium African Queen Group: Great for containers

Lilium regale

£2.99 £2.39
Buy Lilium regale : Huge, trumpet shaped, white flowers and heady fragrance

Lilium regale 'Album'

£3.99 £3.19
Buy Lilium regale 'Album': Popular variety with pure white, trumpet flowers

Lilium Pink Perfection Group

£2.99 £2.39
Buy Lilium Pink Perfection Group: Beautiful large pink trumpets

Lilium 'Crimson Pixie'

£3.99 £3.19
20% off plants
Buy Lilium 'Crimson Pixie': Really showy in patio pots

Lilium 'Apricot Fudge'

£3.99 £3.19
Buy Lilium 'Apricot Fudge':

Favorite lily collection

£15.98 £12.78
Buy Favorite lily collection: buy 2 collections for £15.98 and get another collection FREE

Best white lily collection

£15.98 £12.78
Buy Best white lily collection: buy 2 collections for £15.98 and get another collection FREE

mixed narcissi for naturalising

£49.99 £39.99
Buy mixed narcissi for naturalising: Scatter and plant in bold swathes

Narcissus 'Jetfire' - Organic

£5.99 £4.79
Buy Narcissus 'Jetfire' - Organic: From our bulb grower grown 100% orgainically

Narcissus papyraceus 'Ziva'

£5.99 £4.79
20% off plants
Buy Narcissus papyraceus 'Ziva': Unbelievably strong scent

Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus

£3.99 £3.19
Buy Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus: Small cupped, fragrant daffodil

Narcissus 'Actaea'

£3.99 £3.19
Buy Narcissus 'Actaea': An old fashioned scented variety

Lilium 'Chill Out'

£2.99 £2.39
Buy Lilium 'Chill Out': Huge flowers of this gorgeous, scented lily.