Bedding plants

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Dahlia 'Figaro Mixed'

Buy Dahlia 'Figaro Mixed': A double flowering dahlia

Antirrhinum 'Appeal Select Mixed'

Buy Antirrhinum 'Appeal Select Mixed': A great mix of colours

Antirrhinum 'Sonnet Mixed'

Buy Antirrhinum 'Sonnet Mixed':

Begonia 'Super Cascade Apricot Shades' mix

Buy Begonia 'Super Cascade Apricot Shades' mix:

Begonia 'Non-Stop Mixed'

Buy Begonia 'Non-Stop Mixed':

Pansy Cool Wave Mixed

Buy Pansy Cool Wave Mixed: A trailing pansy for your baskets

Polyanthus Stella Mixed

Buy Polyanthus Stella Mixed: Perfect for pots and baskets

Viola Sorbet F1 Mixed

Buy Viola Sorbet F1 Mixed: Outstanding garden performance

Viola 'Sorbet Yellow Frost' (Sorbet Series)

Buy Viola 'Sorbet Yellow Frost' (Sorbet Series): Outstanding garden performance

Viola Teardrops Mixed

Buy Viola Teardrops Mixed: Ideal for winter and spring hanging baskets

Viola 'Teardrops Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow'

Buy Viola 'Teardrops Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow':