Crocus open day

Crocus open day


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9.30am Doors open | 3.30pm Time to go home!

Our open days are incredibly popular, great fun and you’re likely to find some incredible bargains. As we don’t often throw our doors open to the general public, we relish the opportunity to meet our customers. You’ll want to allocate lots of time to have a good look around as we have a 30 acre site with well over 2,500 different plants, most of which are sold off at a discounted rate on the day. You may also be able to pick up some great deals on products too!

How to find us

Crocus at Nursery Court,
London Road,
GU20 6LQ

Get directions

01344 578 000

Lines are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday - Friday
(except bank holidays)

How to make the most of our open days

1. Wear suitable clothing appropriate for a working nursery. Be prepared to see tractors and forklifts in operation and be aware that there are uneven surfaces, ditches and trip hazards on site so do take care. Children usually enjoy their visit to the nursery, but they should be supervised at all times.

2. On arrival you will be directed to the parking area. Once in, head straight to our ‘meet and greet’ post where you will be given a handout with some general information about the nursery, a pricing guide and a list of our special offers for the day. You will also be given a strip (or two) of uniquely numbered, sticky labels, which you will need to reserve the plants you wish to buy.

3. Most of our nursery staff are Polish. They know the nursery like the back of their hands, but struggle with English. If you have any garden-related questions, please look out for the Crocus staff members who are wearing the blue hi-vis vests as these people really know their plants. If you don’t see someone in a blue vest while on the nursery, you will find someone at the checkout.

4. We have thousands of beautiful plants on the nursery to choose from but they aren’t always laid out in alphabetical order. This makes it very difficult for people who come with a list! We recommend you buy your list online, and use your visit to top up with a few special deals.

5. All purchases must be taken away on the day, so make sure the vehicle you bring is big enough for your buying ambitions!

6. There will be the opportunity to buy a snack or a cup of tea, and we also have customer toilets on site.

How to buy plants on our open day

1. After receiving your handout and uniquely numbered sticky labels (make sure you ask for extra if you are planning on buying lots of plants) from our meet and greet helpers, please feel free to roam about the open areas of the nursery.

2. If you see a plant you want to buy, peel off one of your sticky labels and stick it on the side of the pot.

3. Leave the pot at the side of the walkway, where one of our team can easily spot it.

4. We will be whizzing around the nursery at regular intervals on buggies, collecting up the plants and placing them into correspondingly numbered trays, which are kept in a separate checkout pen.

5. When you are ready to collect your plants, make your way to the checkout pen and they will be waiting for you there.

6. Once you have your plants, please take them over to the tills which can be found in the polytunnel next door, and we will sum up your purchases and take payment.

7. We accept cash and most major credit cards - except American Express. Unfortunately we are unable to accept gift vouchers on open days.

8. We have trolleys and can help you to get any large purchases to your car.