Jobs for the week


Control weeds

Make sure you dig up weeds before they flower and set seed.

Protecting tender plants

Late frosts can severely damage tender growth.

Slug watch

Stay one step ahead of slugs and snails by protecting susceptible plants now.

Check for winter damage

Check over all permanent garden plants for signs of winter damage.

Check stakes and ties

Check supports of trees and climbers.


Seedbed preparation

When weather and soil conditions all, prepare a seedbed for early outdoor sowings in a favourable part of the garden.

Dig vacant ground

Complete winter digging when conditions allow.

Moving shrubs

It's an ideal time to move shrubs that have outgrown their allotted space.

If the weather is nice

Pruning roses

Early spring is a good time to start pruning roses.


If you limed your soil last autumn, now is an ideal time to check to see what effect it has had.

Renovate deciduous hedges

Cut back overgrown deciduous hedges such as beech, forsythia, hawthorn and hornbeam.

garden project

Installing a mowing strip

Cut down the time you spend mowing by adding a permanent edge to your lawn.