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No garden? No problem! A windowbox is all you need to snip fresh-grown salads and herbs for the kitchen. Come to think of it, even if you have got a garden this is a great way to grow easy-to-access veg.

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  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: humus-rich, moisture retentive soil
  • Rate of growth: fast
  • Hardiness: tender

    Here is proof that you can grow vegetables in even the smallest spaces - in fact you dont even need a garden at all! All the plants in this collection will happily grow in pots or containers, so all you need for this space-conscious collection is a few sunny windowsills, a balcony or an itsy-bitsy patio.

    Suitable for filling a vegetable patch aproximately 3m², or can be potted up and grown in 3 troughs/ windowboxes, or a small raised bed.

    The collection contains the following seasonal selection -

  • 5 x herbs (mixed) - you will receive a selection which will include some of the following.
    Flat leaf parsley and curley parsley- aromatic and tasty leaves, which will keep on coming after cutting.
    Corriander - commonly used in asian and middle eastern cooking, the leaves have a fresh, citrus taste.
    Fennel - the bulbs can be used in salads, braised or roasted, whilst the leaves can be used in many different dishes.
    Chives - delicious simpley as a garnish or when made into a herby butter. Great with soups, omlettes, scrambled eggs and salads.
  • 10 x lettuce (mixed) You will receive a selection of lettuce from the following tasty varieties.
    'Lilian' - a butternut type with firm heads that are succulent and sweet.
    'Pearl' - a little gem lettuce with a delicious, sweet taste.
    'Rushmoor' - a red salad, with stunning oak-shaped, deep red leaves.
  • 20 x spring onions 'Lisbon' - Excellent taste, and essential to enhance any salad. Very slow to bolt.
  • 4 x tomato 'Tumbler' - an F1 hybrid with very sweet cherry tomatoes. Ideal for tubs, troughs and hanging baskets. Suited for outdoor growing.
  • 1 x packet of seeds, mangetout 'Oregon Sugar Pod' - deliciously sweet and crunchy producing large fleshy double pods. Perfect in salads, lightly steamed or stir fried.
  • 4 x cucumber 'Tokyo Slicer ' Recently awarded an AGM this is a high yielding outdoor variety with long smooth fruits.
  • 4 x sweet pepper (mixed red & green) - these plants are incredibly versatile and are ideal for salads or stir fries. You will receive 2 of each green & red varieties.
    'Californian Wonder' - beautiful bell shaped green fruits with a very sweet crisp taste. 'Long Red Marconi' - masses of long thin fruits are produced from this new Italian variety. They have a particularly mild sweet taste, ideal for salads and stir fry.
  • 10 x spinach 'Perpetual' - succulent, prolific and very hardy, this spinach will hardly ever run to seed in its first season.

    Please note: The contents of this pack may vary slightly depending upon the season.

  • Garden care: Plant them out as soon as they arrive in a sunny spot. Make sure they are kept well watered and feed with a liquid fertiliser that is high in potash throughou throughout the growing season. You may need to provide growing supports for the taller plants.

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vegetable plug plant collection

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