The Ultimate Winter Vegetable Collection

vegetable plug plant collection

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Put this collection in before you go on holiday and you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labour beyond Christmas!

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  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: humus-rich, moisture retentive soil
  • Rate of growth: fast
  • Hardiness: hardy

    No need to stop producing a bountiful crop of vegetables after the temperatures drop. This collection of vegetables can be harvested throughout winter and added to hearty stews and roast dinners. Yum!

    Suitable for filling a well prepared vegetable patch aproximately 10m².

    The collection contains the following seasonal selection -

  • 10 x cauliflower (autumn & winter). Spread the harvest season with both autumn and winter-ready cauliflowers. You may receive 5 x 5 x 'Aviso' - Summer cauliflower. Fresh tasting, crisp white curd. Extremely versatile, with high resistance to cold and disease. 5 x 'Cendis' - which is ready to eat in December.
  • 10 x novelty cauliflower. Some more unusual varieties, which could include 5 x 'Navona' - a romanesco type which is architecturally stunning and has a fresh, nutty taste, and 5 x 'Graffiti' - a purple cauliflower with a delicious, sweet taste.
  • 10 x cabbage (mixed) A lovely mix of varieties will be heading your way. Some of the varieties may include; 'Roedeo' - eye catching, large red headed cabbage with excellent resistance to frost. 'Duchy' a fast growing 'hispi' type that has a sweet taste. Excellent in stir fries or salads. 'Tundra' - late maturing savoy cabbage cross Dutch white variety with fantastic winter hardiness.
  • 10 x broccoli (mixed) A couple of unusual varieties make up this selection. You may receive 5 x 'Ironman' - a superb, vigorous broccoli with tasty, dome-shaped, deep green heads and 5 x 'Red early' - a unique variety, as it doesn't need winter weather to initiate flowering. Produces succulent stems through the summer months.
  • 10 x swede 'Helenor' - a main crop, high yielding swede with a good globe-shaped root and sweet, light orange flesh.
  • 10 x Brussel sprouts (mixed early mid & late) We will send 3 or 4 of each variety to make up the 10 plants, and they may include -'Maximus' - ready to harvest from September, these are sturdy plants with tasty sprouts. 'Helemus' - ready to eat from late autumn to Christmas, this variety will produce a bumper crop. 'Batavus' - a first class variety with delicious, sweet tasting sprouts.
  • 10 x kale (mixed red, black & green) Three different varieties of Kale, which could include 'Redbor'- this beautiful kale has red tinged leaves that turn crimson in cooler weather. Ideal for successive cutting. Tuscany' - producing very dark green leaves this kale is very hardy making it an ideal winter vegetable when fresh produce is scarce. 'Red Russian' - you can pick the young leaves for salad andallow some to grow to full size kale, it is versatile and so tasty. 'Reflex'
    Curley Kale. This is a rich tasting, highly nutritious reliable variety. Resistant to cold, wet conditions.
  • 10 x celery Victoriagreen colour, tall fast growing. Best tasting celery around.
  • 40 x leek 'Pluston' - a late variety with high yields and good uniformity to the medium shanks and dark green foliage.
  • 1 x pack of pak choi Seeds - pick early for baby leaf which can be used in salads, or leave to mature and add to stir fries.
    +** Please note: The contents of this pack may vary slightly depending upon the season.

  • Garden care: Remove the packs from their box upon arrival.If left in a bright spot they can stay in their sealed bags for up to a weekbefore planting. After planting make sure they are kept well watered and feed with a liquid fertiliser that is high in potash throughout. the growing season. You may need to provide growing supports for the taller plants.

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vegetable plug plant collection

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