gooseberry 'Xenia' (PBR)


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  • Position: full sun, but some shading needed in very hot weather
  • Soil: any well-drained soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Other features: large, pale green berries (late June)
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    Originally from Switzerland, Xenia is one of the best gooseberry introductions to the UK in the past few years. The bushes are upright, strong, with some mildew resistance and almost spine-free stems, making harvesting much easier. The early to mid season harvest will yield masses of large (up to 14g) highly attractive, deep red, dessert quality fruits, which are very sweet when ripe in late June.

  • Garden care: Prepare the ground well before planting. Remove all weeds and dig in plenty of well-rotted manure in to the area. Once planted, apply a mulch of well-rotted manure every spring, as well as a nitrogen and potassium fertiliser. Make sure the plant is watered in dry weather and net the bushes to protect the fruit from birds. In the first year, prune shoots back by half to three-quarters to an outward-facing bud in winter. After that prune out weak and older branches only.

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  • Q:

    Gooseberry not produing fruits

    I have a gooseberry bush that bears no fruits, and have been told that I need a male and a female, is that correct? Do you supply both? Thank you. Wilhelm
    Asked on 3/17/2010 by Wilhelm Derner

    1 answer

    • A:

      Hello Wilhelm, These plants are self-fertile so they do not need a pollinating partner to produce fruit. The most likely reasons for your bushes not producing fruit will be one of the following. Not enough sun Lack of water Lack of nutrients Incorrect pruning No winter protection from birds Late frosts damaging the flowers I hope this helps. Helen Plant Doctor

      Answered on 3/17/2010 by Crocus Helpdesk
  • Q:

    Best time for planting Redcurrents and Gooseberries

    Hi, I am interested in buying Redcurrent "Red Lake" and Gooseberry " Hinnomaki". When is the best time to plant them in the ground? Best Regards Darshana
    Asked on 12/5/2009 by darshana gunatillake

    1 answer

    • A:

      Hello Darshana, The best time to plant these is in the autumn or the spring, but you can plant throughout winter as long as the ground is not frozen. I hope this helps. Helen Plant Doctor

      Answered on 12/8/2009 by Crocus Helpdesk
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