Geranium phaeum 'Lily Lovell'

dusky cranesbill

2 litre pot
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Dark-Violet flowers, with a hint of a pale eye, and very good, pale-green foliage that shows up well in spring

Val Bourne - Garden Writer

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  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: fertile, well-drained
  • Rate of growth: fast growing
  • Flowering period: May to June
  • Hardiness: fully hardy

    The purple-mauve flowers of this cranesbill look like irridescent saucers floating above the deeply lobed foliage. The flowers appear in abudance from late spring to early summer and reach an impressive 4cm in diameter, therefore making it one of the largest and perhaps the prettiest of the Geranium phaeum group. These plants are one of the easiest to place in the garden as they are so good at adapting to a wide range of growing conditions, including dry shade, and quickly spread to form a hummock of foliage that is good for suppressing weeds. Use it in woodland, among ferns, where the flowers will shine , or under deciduous trees.

  • Garden care: In midsummer rejuvenate plants that are beginning to look jaded, by removing old flowered stems and leaves. Lift and divide large colonies in spring.

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