Essential Vegetable Collection

vegetable plug plant collection

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There are some veg you just can't do without. Veg-rack basics like lettuce, carrots, beetroot, broccoli and French beans are the backbone of any veg garden and they'll have you picking your own all season long.

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  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: humus-rich, moisture retentive soil
  • Rate of growth: fast
  • Hardiness: tender

    The perfect all-round pack, which includes all your basic veg. This collection includes salad crops, brassicas, and root vegetables - all of which are packed with flavour, and will keep you happily eating your greens throughout the summer and autumn.

    Suitable for filling a well prepared vegetable patch aproximately 6m².

    The essential vegetable collection consists of the following -

  • 4 x tomato 'Gardeners Delight' - an easy to grow, cherry tomato with exceptionally flavoured, bright red fruits. Please note that the tomatoes will be substituted with 5 mixed herbs from June onwards.
  • 10 x lettuce 'Mazur' - thick, crunchy green leaves. This loose cut and come again lettuce shows good resistance to downy mildew and shows tolerance to bolting.
  • 10 x lettuce 'Rushmoor' - a red salad, with stunning oak-shaped, deep red leaves. Good in cooler weather.
  • 10 x wild rocket - a cut and come again rocket, which has a peppery flavour. Ready to harvest within 6 weeks.
  • 1 x packet of seeds - French bean 'Cobra' - a highly attractive climbing variety that produces a massive crop of delicious, stringless beans. Pick regularly to encourage more to come.
  • 10 x broccoli 'Ironman' - a superb, vigorous broccoli with tasty, dome-shaped, deep blue-green heads.
  • 10 x beetroot 'Bolthardy' Beetroot makes a really worthwhile autumn crop and this variety is one of the best. Pull them young as baby beets.
  • 10 x cabbage 'Duchy' - a fast growing 'hispi' type that has a sweet taste. Excellent in stir fries or salads.
  • 20 x leek 'Krypton' - an early, baby variety, which produces high yields of long shafts and medium green foliage.
  • 5 x spinach 'Perpetual' - succulent, prolific and very hardy, this spinach will hardly ever run to seed in its first season.
  • 5 x rainbow chard - an ornamental, versatile vegetable producing sturdy, attractive red, yellow, pink or white stems all year round.
  • 3 x mixed courgettes - you will receive 1 x 'Ambassador' an outstanding courgette variety, producing high yields of sweet tatsy fruits. 1 x 'Goldrush' a lively vibrant courgette, produces strong yellow fruit with excellent taste. 1 x 'Eight ball' a new variety of round courgette, selected for it's delicate taste.Fantastic baked with cheese and herbs.
  • 20 x onion 'Hypark' - a very large, white cooking onion.
  • 2kg bag x potatoes - you will receive two Varieties. 'King Edward' - an old but very popular maincrop potato. It's oval tubers have attractive red splashes over the edges. Ideal for baking mashing or roasting. and 'Melody' - a maincrop producing high yields of smooth skinned, oval tubers with good disease resistance. Please note that the potatoes will be substituted with mixed squash and courgettes from the end of May.
  • 1 x carrot 'Early Nante' (seeds) - a traditional carrot originating from Venice. It has a lovely, sweet flavour and is very rich in vitamin C.

    Please note: The contents of this pack may vary slightly depending upon the season.

  • Garden care: Remove the packs from their box upon arrival.If left in a bright spot they can stay in their sealed bags for up to a weekbefore planting. After planting make sure they are kept well watered and feed with a liquid fertiliser that is high in potash throughout. the growing season. You may need to provide growing supports for the taller plants.

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vegetable plug plant collection

vegetable plug plant collection

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