amaranth 'Red Army'

amaranth Red Army

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  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile and moisture retentive

    The foliage, which turns from green to a vibrant shade of red as it matures, is very nutritious and is excellent for adding colour and flavour to mixed leaf salads. More vigorous than the green form, the leaves are best harvested when young to fully enjoy their distinctive tang. Alternatively the mature foliage can be treated like spinach and gently cooked. A colourful, versatile and tasty addition to the vegetable patch. A fast growing crop, you should have baby leaves ready to harvest within approximately 4 weeks.

  • Growing Instructions:Surface sow thinly outside in spring into a well prepared bed and gently rake the seeds in. Keep the crop well watered (but not waterlogged) and thin to 5cm intervals for baby leaf or 15cm for larger plants. Later sowings can be done in autumn, provided the plants are kept protected by a cloche in colder weather. Alternatively grow in pots, which can be kept under glass in winter.

  • Sow: April - October

  • Harvest: May - November

  • Approximate quantity: 150 seeds.

lettuce 'Little Gem'

lettuce (cos)

A crisp, sweet and tasty cos lettuce

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lettuce 'Lollo Rossa'

lettuce (cut and come again)

Decorative and tasty purple-tinged leaves

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